Have you ever wondered what could give you an edge over a mean co-worker? Or what could make you an exciting friend or date?

Here are some psychological insights into making your daily social and personal life easy!

Eye contact: When talking to someone, try and notice their eye colour. This will make you have un-awkward eye contact for longer, and will get them to like you. When you want someone to say more than they have, maintain eye contact. This gets them to think that you are expecting more and what was said was not enough, so they will elaborate.

Feel the emotions you want: Our body has a two way feedback mechanism. So, while you cry when you are sad, you can also reverse it. That is, smiling can make you happy. And holding powerful poses can help you to feel confident, like raising your hands in a cheer, or broadening your shoulders! So practice expressions and postures to get the emotions you want.


Favours: When asking for favours start with a large and unrealistic one. So, when you as for the entire collection, then half the collection and then just one item from the collection, you are more likely to get that one item. Therefore, after declining two large favours, people usually agree to a smaller one. Salespeople commonly use this trick.

Hostile Situations: When you are in a group or a meeting or any sort of hostile situation, try out these two tricks:

  • Sit next to the enemy: When you sit next to the supposed enemy and not opposite, they cannot mentally work as a pack with the rest of the people behind them, and against you. This forces them to reconsider and tone down their mean behaviour.
  • Get them to see themselves: While a client, friend or coworker is being mean, have a reflective surface of a mirror behind you. No one wants to see themselves being mean and so the mirror or reflective surface will help to get them to tone down.

Associate yourself with happy scenes: When you take your date to a thrilling and exciting place for a first date, or you look happy and excited when meeting friends, people will associate the happiness/thrill/excitement with you, and view you in a positive light!