Oscar Selfie.

Filmy selfie.

A song on selfies.

That’s a lot of talk about a trend that no one believed would change the way a smartphone and its apps are structured. Right from front cameras to special apps dedicated to sharing pictures, to selfie competitions by the Prime Minister, the trend is all around us. Even the most reluctant and camera shy cannot deny one selfie. So why does it hold a strange power on us?

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Selfies as a desperate attempt to make events matter:

The intensity of our social and group experiences have gone down a whole lot. A lot of events we attend or are a part of, tend to have a surface quality. That is why, when we look at the level of depression and the kind of life that teenagers live on social media, it seems poles apart. It is as if not looking into the camera and taking a picture would mean accepting the not so flattering notion that our lives have become a mere shadow of what we want them to be.

Indulging is self-love:

Selfies are an ultimate expression of self-love. Or rather, love of the appearance of the self. If I click a picture, and I click many pictures and store them on my phone, it tells me each time I view my gallery, that at least I don’t look bad. With a decent tweaking, I can look good in a photo. In today’s world, looks are linked to self image, and so feeling good about looks means feeling good overall.

Looking Glass Self:

You are only as important as the number of seconds’ that your post can hold attention in the ‘scroll down’ world. We have started to look at ourselves in reference to others, and selfies aid the process by helping us to put ourselves on the social map, by posting a selfie – as good as, or better than, someone else. This helps us to measure ourselves, put a barometer on our likability.


Selfies are something that everyone can do, and therefore, anyone and everyone can participate, adding boost to the trend. It let’s celebrities connect with their fans and followers with the notion, “We are both doing the same thing, and so, you and I are not that apart”. This makes the fan stay attached to their idol.

So, Is there anything like a healthy selfie?

Yes, there is. As long as it’s just a picture and a memory. As long as the comments and likes are not seen as rating scales for self-worth. As long as the self will always be more than a selfie.